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Accepting Farm volunteers/Rural Internship

We are accepting volunteers at our guest house all the time. We provide free accommodation and food.

What you can learn by volunteering Guesthouse Ilonggo

  • Management of Guest House

 Management of Guest House regarding to; Resistration to Booking sites, Branding, PR, accounting, subsidies.

  • Meet local people

 Our neighbors are very friendly. You can explore and exchange ideas with our neighbors.

  • International cooperation.

 I can share my experience worked as community organizer and environmental activities in the Philippines.

  • Community share space

 We have developed an old villadge hall into community share space. You can learn how to start new business and how to develop rural areas.

  • Different type of life style

 You can meet different types of people staying at our guest house. Learnings from them may open your future.

  • International communication

 We speak Japanese, Filipino, and English. Even you do not now the language, you will be able to communicate with us.

What will you do here?

  • House keeping such as washing, cleaning, dish washing

  • Operation of community share space

  • Operation of guest house

  • Organic farming

  • Play with children

*About 6hrs/day(not including house keeping)

*It is possible to take online class at our guest house while volunteering.


  • The age under 35years old.

  • Can stay at least 1week.

  • Non-smoking


Please write following information and send by email.

  • Name

  • Age

  • Sex

  • What you would like to learn

  • Terms you wish to stay here

  • Questions if any

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