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Space Rent


Various kinds of seminars and workshops are acceptable at connected tatami rooms (48sqm)

Only weekdays 9am-5pm

·        Free Mineral Water

·        Complementary Coffee/Tea

·        Water Heater

·        Retro-Record Prayer/Speaker

·        Air-conditioner (at cost)

Ex. Yoga, Dance, Art, Craft work, Meeting, Lecture, etc​

48sqm(16 tatami rooms)

JPY 1,500/ 2hrs

(with aircondition)

24sqm (8 tatami rooms)

JPY 1,000/ 2hrs

(with aircondition)

JPY 200/head for commission


These kinds of activities are not allowed: 

-Solicitation for business

-Emitting a loud sound

-Bringing in animals

-Drinking too much alcohol

-Illegal activities

Cooking Workshop

The common kitchen (Okudosan) area is available for cooking workshop. These kind of cooking workshop is suitable for cooking by firewood.

·        Miso

·        Mochi

·        Konyaku

·        Soba

·        Udon


All kitchen tools are free for use.

JPY 2,000/ 2hrs

(with firewood)

JPY 100/head for commission

Farm Rental

We will rent our farm by yearly contract. Please inquire for farther information.

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Cooking space.jpg
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